Terms of Service

Terms of service have been outlined in this document in order to clearly state what we do and what our clients can expect when they use our services, and purchase products.

It is the responsibility of the client to assume that a Terms of Service exists, and that it should be read and understood prior to utilizing the services of Exit 509 Photography.  We reserve the right to change our Terms and Services at any time.  Please review this document periodically.

By ordering Exit 509 Photography products and services, you agree to the following:


To book an appointment, please contact Exit 509 Photography either by email at info@Exit509Photography.com or call/text to 705.528.2658. 

For billing and scheduling purposes the following information is needed:

  •    Appointment time requested
  •    Property address
  •    Property square footage
  •    Contact person on location and contact info
  •    All email addresses that you need the pictures sent to
  •    Any particular shooting requirements
  •   Any other instructions re: photo shoot

For first time users - the following is required to create a profile for the branding on the Virtual Tour Company:

  • Salesperson Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Headshot
  • Company Logo

Cancellation Policy

You agree that you will provide notice of at least 24 hours by voice or cell phone text, if you wish to cancel or re-schedule a confirmed appointment for a photo shoot.  If such notice is not received, Exit 509 Photography retains the right to charge a cancellation fee of $50 to be paid within 30 days.

Additional Fees and Payment

Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment shall be made on receipt of the invoice.  If payment has not been made in 30 days, Exit 509 Photography retains the right to charge a late payment fee of $50.

Additional fees may be incurred for your photography shoot such as any special parking or toll fees, additional travel costs for remote locations, or travel outside of our service area.  Locations that are more than 40 km (one-way) from 31 Pine Needles Drive, Tiny, ON will incur additional time/travel costs, depending on location and services provided.  

In the event legal action is necessary to collect on balances due, you agree to reimburse Exit 509 Photography for all expenses incurred to recover monies due, including attorney’s fees and other legal expenses.

Tour prices and any marketing material prices are subject to change without notice.

The Photo Shoot

Clients of Exit 509 Photography are responsible for the following when the home is to be photographed:

  •   Authorization granted for the photographer to come onto the property and take photographs
  •    Property is available at the confirmed appointment time
  •    Property has been staged or at minimum,  the property is clean,  and uncluttered
  •    Photographer will photograph the property “as-is”, whatever the condition of the property
  •    Photographer will not be required to wait while the property is made photo ready
  •    Owners will remove or contain any pets
  •  Photographer will not be at risk of injury, death or inconvenience while photographing property
  •    Photographer will not risk injury to themselves or any other person or animal nor risk damage to any part of the property or contents

Exit 509 Photography is not responsible for the weather conditions at the property at the time of the appointment.  Unless agreed to by the photographer, the photographs will be done under the existing conditions.  If the client requests the photos be redone under different weather conditions or different time of day, further fees may apply.


It is the policy of Exit 509 Photography not to remove, retouch or in any way modify any structure or content of any property using photo editing software.  This policy may be waived when applied to structures or contents that are not permanent, such as garbage cans, temporary signs, etc.  This is to prevent the end-user from being deceived as to the actual condition of the property.  Additional fees may apply depending on the amount of post-production work. 

Photo Choices

Clients of Exit 509 Photography agree to accept the photo choices made by the photographer at the time of photography, unless the client specifies photo locations and specifics prior to or during the appointment.  These choices are based on the best ability and judgement of the photographer.

Should photographs not meet our standards of quality in representing a property, we will reshoot the property at no charge.  If the client requests additional photos or service because of weather or seasonal changes, or request substitute or additional photographs be taken, additional fees may apply.

Photo Delivery

Exit 509 Photography will provide the client with the edited images   formatted for use on the MLS® Service, and links to the Virtual Tours within 24 hours of the completion of the photo-shoot, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Pictures and/or Virtual Tours will be uploaded to Exit 509 Photography’s website and social media locations, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Copyright – Photo rights and Usage

All images taken by Exit 509 Photography remain the property of Exit 509 Photography.  Exit 509 Photography grants its clients the rights to use any photographs taken by Exit 509 Photography for the client’s exclusive benefit.  However, the photographs may NOT be sold or given to any other person, without the written permission of Exit 509 Photography.

Exit 509 Photography retains the right to use photos or video for its own promotional material at any time.

Clients of Exit 509 Photography may not upload or otherwise place on Exit 509 Photography materials or virtual tours any material that is copyrighted to another party.  If any material (photographs, music, etc.) is in question, it is the responsibility of the client to provide written proof of their copyright ownership otherwise the material will be removed.

Clients agree to absolve Exit 509 Photography of any responsibility or financial obligation resulting from copyrighted material placed on Exit 509 Photography tours.

Security and Privacy

Exit 509 Photography does not share or sell any client or contact information to anyone.

Exit 509 Photography and their photographers will not share details, (physical or situational ) about the home photographed, the clients, the home owners or inhabitants learned during the photo shoot with anyone other than the client.

Limits of Liability

Exit 509 Photography photographs are a representation of the property, and Exit 509 Photography can neither determine nor verify the accuracy of the property or contents with regards to colour accuracy, placement, scale, dimension or contents included in the permanent structure of the property. This accuracy can be impossible to determine due to differences in light sources, lack of knowledge of the property and contents, etc.

Under all circumstances, Exit 509 Photography’s liability is limited to the amount paid for the photographs and services by the client for that particular property.

Exit 509 Photography, any of its agents, employees or contractors are not responsible for delays or failures to provide service, or damages outside of our control (acts of God, floods, fire, road, railway or aircraft traffic conditions, weather conditions, acts of terrorism)

These Terms and Conditions may be revised from time to time.  Exit 509 Photography reserves the right to change our Terms and Services at any time.  Please review this document periodically.

(Exit 509 Photography Terms of Service – September 22, 2015)